Great Tasting Lean Red Meat

Klein Karoo International Meat

Great Tasting Lean Red Meat

Klein Karoo International Meat

Great Tasting Lean Red Meat

Klein Karoo International Meat

Great Tasting Lean Red Meat

Klein Karoo International Meat

Great Tasting Lean Red Meat

Media Releases

Switch to Ostrich In-Store Demo Project

switchtoostrichKlein Karoo International Ltd in Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of the world, has embarked on a national in-store demonstration (demo) campaign to promote ostrich meat country-wide. The project kicked-off at the HTA Culinary School in Johannesburg where the launch function was held on 7 November 2012.


"Our 'Switch to Ostrich' marketing project focuses on informing meat lovers about the characteristics of ostrich meat and how this versatile red meat may contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Chef Students are going to educate the public how to prepare and cook ostrich fillet and increase their awareness of Klein Karoo ostrich meat products available in retail. The project is scheduled to continue until December 2013," says Danie Terblanche, national meat marketing manager, Klein Karoo International Ltd. 


"We have become increasingly aware of the fact that many people do not know how to prepare ostrich meat, that they do not know how ostrich meat is different to other red meats, and that there are many who has never tasted ostrich meat before. Education at point of sale is the key to unlock the taste buds of the nation to enjoy this proudly South African meat and to make them aware of the health attributes of this great red meat.

Visit our Facebook page for updates on the venues where in-store demos will take place.

Meaningful partnerships

"To execute a project of this nature on a national scale is a tall order. However, with the South African Chefs Association (SACA), Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA), Snappy Chef Induction Stoves and Willow Creek Olive Estate, as our partners in excellence, the roll-out of this venture has been easy and promises to be a very successful one.

Growing popularity of Ostrich Meat

"The popularity of ostrich meat is growing as it became part of lifestyle changes for many families. More and more dieticians include ostrich meat in their eating plans specifically as a healthy option either to replace other red meat or as a substitute to chicken and fish. A market survey shows that 90% of urban respondents know that ostrich meat is healthy, but lack the knowledge of how to prepare and include it in their daily menus. This is the exact shortcoming Klein Karoo wants to address and focus on with the national “Switch to Ostrich” in-store demonstration campaign. 

How to teach an entire country

"How does one train an entire country? We will make use of 60 branded demo tables on which more than 120 pre-selected, trained students from SACA affiliated chef schools will be preparing Klein Karoo ostrich fillet on a Snappy Chef induction stove, using Willow Creek Olive oil in retail stores country-wide. Consumers will get the opportunity to see how to prepare and cook ostrich fillet to perfection and to taste it. These young chefs in training will also teach customers how ostrich meat compare to other red meats. Consumers can also enter a competition to win attractive monthly prizes by scanning the QR code with their smart phones on a banner/competition entry form which will be standing next to the demo stands. Free ostrich recipe booklets will be available at the demo stands near the butchery category of all participating stores. More than 5 000 in-store demos will be hosted for the duration of the project. Consumers in Kwa-Zulu Natal will be able to attend one or more of the 84 demos scheduled per month for the next 14 months," says Danie.

Training Chefs and Dieticians

"Klein Karoo is in the process of finalising a module on ostrich meat that will be included in the SACA curriculum. The long term goal will be to make sure that all the young chefs will be trained how to prepare various ostrich meat cuts. We will therefore surely see an increase of ostrich meat dishes in the future. This training module will also be adapted to become part of the training material for dieticians of various universities. We also see dieticians as long term partners to promote a healthy lifestyle. With ostrich meat as alternative to fish or chicken, the eating plans of weight and health conscience consumers promise to have more variety.

Cooking Tips

With regards to meat preparation, there are certain aspects we would like to bring to the attention of the public. Tips for cooking: 1. Ostrich meat should be cooked at highest temperature for shortest possible time. 2. The meat should rest for 3 - 4 minutes after cooking. 3. Ostrich meat should be served medium rare - never done or well done. 4. Marinade draws moisture from the meat due to the low fat content of the meat. A basting sauce is ideal. 


Klein Karoo ostrich meat is available country-wide at SPAR, PnP, Woolworths. (also at Checkers in KwaZulu-Natal & Eastern Cape).

Restaurants and catering companies may order directly from our provincial offices or from the head office in Oudtshoorn.

Export Protocol

All ostriches slaughtered in South Africa are individually tested for the presence of the Avian Influenza virus. Therefore no bird that has this virus will ever enter the food chain and ostrich meat is therefore safe to consume. 

New Technology Makes Export Possible

The restrictions placed on the export of raw ostrich meat is a result of stringent European protocol and only serves as a precautionary measure. This is to ensure that, even though the chances are absolutely marginal, the overseas poultry industry is not be put at risk of possible contamination. 

By using the latest technology, Klein Karoo International has developed a partially cooked ostrich meat range for the export market. The meat is heat treated to reach a core temperature of 70 °C, vacuum sealed and frozen. The result is protein packed, juicy, tender ostrich meat that one can only heat and eat. It is ready to eat within minutes. These ostrich products comply with all European Union food security regulations," says Danie.

We are excited about our product, our project and the potential to grow our market and to increase the consumer's knowledge of ostrich meat both nationally and internationally.

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